Urban Types

We were commissioned by the Hafencity University to create a visual identity and digital platform as part of the educational program Urban Types. The key element of the design is a sans-serif typeface which serves as a base for seven alternations of the letterforms. The identity creates variable outcomes depending on the medium by combining these character sets in different ways, such as by reloading the website or changing them from page to page in the booklet. By adjusting itself to the context and being in flux, it reflects the intention of the Urban Types program which investigates the daily use of architecture. The website is used by different students every semester to assemble their research in the form of different types of media such as images, architectural drawings, video and audio documentation, as well as scanned documents or pdfs. These materials can be viewed from different angles; through an individual case study in relation to one’s research methods, or through a general material stream with the option to filter by types of media. Design in collaboration with Wooseok Jang and Zuzana Kostelanská.