Dwalm is a design studio focusing on interactive experiences and the tactility of every day screens and printed matter. We combine graphic design, editing and web development and produce work for cultural and educational organisations, brands, as well as for collectives and individuals. In the past years we started an amalgamation with Our Polite Society under the acronym OPSXD.

As we both grew up in the north German region Ostfriesland, we call our practise Dwalm. In the local sub-language Plattdeutsch, the word describes uprising steam, and in an expended sense vapor, fainting spells, sudden illnesses, daydreams or reveries.

Dodo Voelkel
Laslo Strong

CAU, Kiel University
Clara Lena Langenbach
Elina Birkehag
Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam
Hafencity University Hamburg
JOIN Collective Clothes
Kunstverein Bielefeld
Lennart Lahuis
Lukas Jüliger
Museum für Werte
Malin Norberg
Oslo National Academy of the Arts
Paul Spengemann
Peter Andersson Studio
Robert Vellekoop
Robbert Sikking
Sarah Ortmeyer
Skulpturpark Koster
Steffen Goldkamp
Vytautas Kumža